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Ausgabe vom 08. Februar 2017


You have probably been to a hospital and know how intravenous (IV) treatment is given. There is a bag of liquid hanging on a pole with a tube attached to a cannula in a vein.

The problem:
90 % of all patients (worldwide) who are hospitalized receive IV treatment of some kind. We have interviewed 200 nurses and doctors who describe IV poles as big, bulky, heavy, impractical and not always available on the wards. The pole immobilizes the patients and it is mainly used for generating the necessary gravity for the infusions.

One of OSAAs founders had a key experience as a patient at a hospital himself, observing a mum trying to juggle the drip bag, while her child was on a playground. Therefore, he invented a new solution, which solves all those basic problems and offers new possibilities.

The solution:
IV-GO. OSAA has IPR on the mechanical system where a roll with support of a special spring mechanisms is torn over the drip bag inside a box. In that way it generates the gravity needed to empty the drip bag. The big advantage is that the patients can have the IV-GO in a shoulder bag or a rucksack and are mobile. The positive side effects include the possibility to send patients home or to rehab earlier than without the IV-GO and as a result cost-beneficial for hospitals due to less bed days.

Funding programme: Eurostars
Closing date: 14 September 2017

3 years

Partners involved
Scalae/Altron (Sweden), Microsoft

Partners type and roles of interest
OSAA is looking for a partner for the product development of the IV-GO 2.0 with competences within, IoT in MedTech, programming, chip hardware or whatever service or product that can complement the IV-GO 1.0 to the IV-GO 2.0. OSAA is also looking for hospitals/universities that may have a scientific approach to IV treatment and/or are willing to play an important role in the development of IV-GO 2 with theoretical and practical knowledge concerning the necessary functionalities.

If you would like to learn more about the project, please write a few lines about how you see yourself and your company as a partner for developing the IV-GO 2.

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017

Contact person(s)
Keyvan Bamdej
OSAA Innovation
Email: contact@osaa-innovation.com

Date of publication
Wednesday, 1 February, 2017

ERRIN Member
Copenhagen EU Office


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