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Ausgabe vom 08. Februar 2017

Women who built Europe

The general objective is divided into three sections:

  • To elaborate a brief analysis of the Treaty of Rome and the possibilities it offered to European countries.
  • To focus on female migrations from Navarre (and adjoining regions of Spain) to countries such as France, Germany or Switzerland in the period prior to Spain's entry into the EEC, highlighting the testimonies of the protagonists (when they leave, to where...), their work at the place of destination and when they came back home.
  • To focus on the present moment, analyzing the displacements that are taking place the last years and to compare them with those that mentioned in the first paragraph.

Title and reference number: Europe for Citizens Programme 
Closing date: 03/01/2017

18 months

Partners involved
Government of Navarra: Library Service

Partners type and roles of interest
Government of Navarra: Library Service.
Looking for at least, other 3 partners from different EU Member States.

Financial aspects 
EC co-funding rate: 80% 
Foreseen project budget: 200.000€

Wednesday, 1 March, 2017

Contact person(s)
Mikel Irujo
Government of Navarra
Email: mirujoam@navarra.es

Date of publication
Tuesday, 7 February, 2017

ERRIN Member
Delegation of the Government of Navarra


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