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Ausgabe vom 15. Februar 2017

Bicycling, tourism and regional development

Facilitating bicycling for tourists and residents

The County of Telemark, Norway is looking for European partners in connection with their work on a county wide strategy for bicycling. The strategy will be part of a 3 year program to join relevant partners together to develop Telemark further as a popular bicycle destination in Norway. Areas they wish to focus on are further development of bicycle trails and paths in rural and urban areas, accommodations for bicyclists such as camping, bed and breakfasts, etc., signage/maps, digital marketing, cooperation with local businesses and the tourism sector. Telemark is part of the the North Sea Cycle Route.

We would like to join a European project under development with a county or city working with similar focus areas who we can share knowledge and experience with.


Partners involved
No partners involved per now

Partners type and roles of interest
Looking for cooperation with European counties working with the same issues and challenges and that have a strategy to facilitate bicycling both for tourists and everyday cyclists.

Financial aspects
To be decided

Friday, 31 March, 2017

Contact person(s)
Vibeke Jakobsen, Telemark County Council, Team business development and innovation: email: vibeke.jakobsen@t-fk.no

Date of publication
Tuesday, 14 February, 2017

ERRIN Member
Oslo Region



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