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Ausgabe vom 05. April 2017

Interreg Europe - PRIORITY AXIS 4 - Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency

Our proposal pursues the promotion of new regional development models for the protection and the enhancement of sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage. The proposal aims to exchange and transfer experiences/good practices from region with a high degree of conservation and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage to less intensive regions, in order to increase the capacities of EU regions to develop innovative management models to recovery and promotion of disused connection and abandoned industrial areas The project have in focus also the elaboration of regional strategies and action plans for the implementation of the new strategies to enhance the connection of of natural and cultural heritage, able to integrate different disciplines and public authorities through interregional cooperation projects. The renewed lines and post-industrial areas are meant as eco-cultural infrastructures to support new green, sustainable, healthy, inclusive forms of protecting and enjoying cultural and natural sites.

Main objective:

General objective The project aim is to develop an innovative proposal for recovery of disused connection and abandoned industrial areas:

  • Abandoned or underutilized lines; Disused railway lines; Abandoned industrial sites;

Specific objectives:

  • Capitalization of experience and knowledge: implementing an easily repeatable and comparable scheme (between European Regions) and at the same time territorially specific, that is capable of interpreting the differences and unique characters »local«.
  • Developing an integrated approach, in which the disused lines are intended as connecting infrastructure and devices to guarantee sustainable mobility, eco-tourism, new cultural and natural linkages.
  • Enhancing of ecosystem services and the creation of innovative forms of production presidium of the green space, and especially as social infrastructure, and that is, as devices to support the socio-cultural exchanges, promoting renewal projects related to local communities and new ways of life (health, sports, and social practices).


  • Title and reference number:

PRIORITY AXIS 4: Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency Investment Priority 6(c): Conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage.

  • Funding programme:


Closing date
30 JUNE 2017

up to 3 or 5 years

Partners involved
University of Rome Sapienza -Department of Architecture and Design (DIAP) / Unioncamere Lombardia

Partners type and roles of interest
Profile of partners sought in line with the quadruple helix approach: 

  • Regional public authority (Especially their departments of innovation, environment, economic development);
  • Business support organisation; 
  • Higher education and research bodies; 
  • Interest groups including NGOs / General public / etc.

Financial aspects
EC contribution:  85%
Foreseen project budget: from EUR 1 to 2 mill

Sunday, 30 April, 2017

Contact person(s)
Ludovico Monforte
Unioncamere Lombardia
Tel.: +32 025123528
Email: progettoeurodesk@lom.camcom.it

Date of publication
Thursday, 30 March, 2017

ERRIN Member
Union Camere Lombardia


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