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Ausgabe vom 05. Juli 2017

Architectural project »Layered Green Wall« in the framework of the LIFE programme

Poznań University of Life Sciences (Wielkopolska, Poland) is looking for partners for an architectural project »Layered Green Wall« which will be submitted for the call for proposals within the framework of LIFE programme. The project makes free designing of architectural forms possible which can be used not only in small architecture but also for larger projects.

There are four partners already involved in the project and there are more partners searched. The current partnership consists of:

  • Poznań University of Life Sciences (lead partner),
  • Poznań University of Technology,
  • Pro Natura organisation from Belgium
  • CIEMET institute from Spain.

The purpose of the project is to create useful tool in the area of small green architecture. Layered Green Wall is a self-supporting, layered metal-wood or full metal construction with an appropriately planted set of plants designed on a bipolar basis. It provides a friendly climate for users, especially in dry and hot climate. Due to conditions of bipolar rule of implementation of the plants on the construction two types of plants can be used. The facility using a layered green wall can be an educational hub for citizens. A vertical urban garden can provide its residents with useful plants.

The partners searched for the project are:

  • local governments
  • enterprises
  • organisations active in the area of small green architecture

Deadline for expression of interest: 10 July 2017.

Contact person: Agnieszka Wieczorek (agnieszka.wieczorek@wielkopolska.eu).

Wielkopolska Region Brussels Office
Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels
tel. + 32 (0) 2 734 09 41
tel. + 48 61 278 53 95 (PL)


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