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Ausgabe vom 19. Juli 2017

Creative Europe

Dear colleagues

Please find attached a partner search from Cartwheel Arts (UK), an art organisations promoting social inclusion, cohesion and diversity.

They are looking for similar organisations to join a Creative Europe Small Cooperation proposal to be submitted at the next call (to be announce after summer).

Please find attached further information about Cartwheel Arts and the project. I would be grateful if you could circulate to your contacts.

Any expression of interest should be addressed to Gala Pujol Freixer Development Manager, Tel 01706 361300, email: gala@cartwheelarts.org.uk.

Thank you


María González

International Funding

Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Tel: +44 (0)7973 876587

Email: maria.gonzalez:greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk


Partner Search - Cartwheel Arts, UK

Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN) - Creative Europe


Greater Manchester (UK) based Cartwheel Arts promotes social inclusion, cohesion, diversity and regeneration through community participation in vibrant, innovative, high-quality arts projects.

We use a wide range of media to initiate, and respond to, project opportunities in the municipalities of Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Wigan and North Manchester, as well as promoting the development of the arts and examples of good practice across the North West of England.

Cartwheel has over 30 years' experience of promoting imaginative, and often challenging arts projects - we do not shy from confronting difficult or sensitive issues.  Our focus is on participation, enabling people who may have had little experience of the arts to explore and develop their creativity and talents, generating a sense of ownership and pride.

All of our projects and arts development work must contribute to one or more of our strategic outcomes which are:

  • More Cohesive Communities
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing
  • Greater skills and employability
  • More Involved and Engaged Young People

Project Information

Funder: Creative Europe (call expected in autumn 2017)

Programme: Cooperation projects

Category: Small Cooperation Projects

Length of the project: 3 years

Project Title - DCN Dynamic Circuit Network


The objectives of the project are:

  • To support the capacity of the European cultural and creative sectors to operate transnationally and internationally.
  • To promote the circulation of cultural and creative works and the mobility of cultural and creative players, in particular of artists, transnationally.
  • To improve access to European cultural and creative works and extend their reach to new and larger audiences.
  • In addition, it contributes to innovation and creativity in the field of culture.

DCN will be a new network of 4 periphery based organisations across a minimum of 4 different countries in EU. The network will: link 4 participatory community arts organisations, create and share a new evaluation framework for community and wellbeing art, commission 4 new artworks from local artists working with local communities, train artists and art professionals on new evaluation processes, showcase work internationally and develop a European devolution map.

The project aims at:

  • Promoting the decentralization of art production and exhibition.
  • Encouraging creative cross cultural dialogue, building on skills and confidence through workshops, residencies and training.
  • Creating a new evaluation framework for community and wellbeing art projects and data sharing and mapping.
  • Building new platforms for intercultural creative dialogue from a local to an international level.
  • Creating an Open Source Data Sharing online platform to map Creative Communities and Wellbeing activities and organisations across EU and sharing outcomes.



  • 4 commissions from 4 artists in 4 different countries. Artworks need to
  • 2 Open Calls -
    • 1 for residencies across EU - Project managers will produce an open call across EU for artists residencies in their countries.
    • 1 for activities and organisations - on-going open call for actions, activities and organisations delivering creative community solutions in countries within the EU to be part of the Open Data Web research and training.
  • 4 residencies - artists from 4 different countries will go to work in another of the network’s countries.
  • 4 talks/panels - During each residency all 4 partners will meet. Each partner will put on a small public event around the theme of Community Development and Empowerment through creativity and the arts and the development of the new Open Data Mapping Provision on Creativity, Communities and Wellbeing.
  • Showcase/tour in 8 countries - An exhibition on Community Development and Empowerment artworks developed through the residencies will be showcased across EU.
  • Website: Open Data - mapping provision in EU for creative communities projects and organisations as part of a Creative Active Social and Innovative Movement (CASIMo) or Social Artistic Movement (SAM)
  • The website will be an open source to share information on community projects, activities, opportunities as well as outcomes, beneficiaries, etc.
  • Training will be provided to partners, artists and professionals to
  • Be able to submit data.
  • Deliver framework based artist lead workshop
  • Use new evaluation framework
  • Online exhibition - part of the each project will have a digital element that will be showing permanently online as part of the online open Data platform
  • Digital Communities Network and Open Data Summit - At the end of the 3 year project a Summit will be held to examine the experience, outcomes, share outputs, discuss research, trends, funding support, successful Creative Community Empowerment projects, etc. 2 days of activity designed and shared by partners around Data Sharing for Community Development.



Gala Pujol Freixer Development Manager

110 Manchester St, Heywood, OL10 1DW, 01706 361300



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