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Kooperationsbörse 2018

SMART Eureka Cluster Call for Projects

SMART has  launched its first Call for Projects on December 11th, followed by a Brokerage Event at the EUREKA Secretariat (Brussels), where proposal promoters and potential partners could interact, exchange and network in an open and creative environment.

SMART is an  industry-driven  EUREKA Cluster programm in Advanced Manufacturing, active since 2017, with the  vision to become the preferred program for international close-to-market R&D&I advanced manufacturing projects in the following sectors: aeronautics, automotive, capital goods, railways, consumer durables and other discrete manufacturing sectors.

SMART mission is to boost the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European discrete manufacturing industries through the promotion of R&D&I in an open community of industrial organisations: large industries, SMEs, associations; RTOs and academia.

All projects must clearly show technical innovation and application excellence regarding future and new products/processes, manufacturing related services or advanced production equipment.

Partner Types role of interests:
innovation clusters, R&D institutes, universities, innovation SMEs

Link to the call document:
SMART Eureka Cluster Call for Projects

Deadline of the Call:

Contact person:
Csaba Benedek Ph. D.

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