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Ausgabe vom 06. Dezember 2017

Knowledge exchanges - Integration of immigrants to the labor market

In recent years, Gävleborg has had a large influx of immigrants, manly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea, and many of these have the education and professional competence that the region needs. On the other hand, employors in the region are faced with severe competence recruitment shortages in some areas.

The aim of the ESF project called Snabbspårsfabriken is to quicker draw on the formal and informal skills of newly arrived women and men who are available to the labour market. This means that Gävleborg needs to find new forms and new methods of cooperation which can accelerate the integration of immigrants into the labour market. Our region's aim is to re-think and create new proven approaches that can be implemented into regular activities to meet the needs of the labour market.

Snabbsparsfabriken focuses on providing individuals with Swedish language training, including professional Swedish language education and labour market knowledge. The courses are organized by Region Gävleborg's own high schools.

Gävleborg is looking for transnational exchange with other regions and to get involved in similar projects/approaches in Europe, in order to broaden our knowledge and skills in this area. Moreover, the project wants to draw on good examples which can play a role in further developing the project's work and results. Accordingly, Gävleborg is looking for other European regions involved in similar projects, whot would like to exchange knowledge and good practices through study visits.

Partners involved:
Region Gävleborg

Partner Types role of interests:
Regional authorities involved in similar projects

Foreseen project budget:
1.050.000 euro

ERRIN Member:
Central Sweden European Office

Contact person:
Roger Engmalm


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