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Ausgabe vom 06. Dezember 2017

Looking for experience in developing Natural Language Processing platforms

TALIA (Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge Innovation Actions) is an horizontal project under the Interreg MED Programme (2014-2020) that has been approved.

The project promotes the implementation and transferability of the modular project results dealing with creativity and social innovation

Partners involved:
six partners involved

Partner Types role of interests:
Looking for experience in developing Natural Language Processing (NLP) platforms by dynamically extending language skills and semantic approach. Advanced knowledge on natural language analysis & processes, deep learning models, and semantic framework implementation, in order to extrapolate lexical and semantic characteristics, key phrase extraction on dedicated platforms and natural language search for English and French languages textual similarity. The partner is required to implement and to use these developed tools integrating them on the Program platform.

ERRIN Member:

Contact person:
Valeria Citarella

Marianna Cavone


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