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Ausgabe vom 18. April 2018

DigiRehab - Danish SME enabling caregivers to deliver efficient rehabilitation

DigiRehab (Danish SME) aims to enable caregivers - not educated in physical training - to carry out physical training, anticipating that a stronger body will have the effect that the elderlies will have less need of assistance.

How does the solution work?
DigiRehab is a tablet-based, modular IT-system developed for caregivers, to be used either in nursery homes with residents or in the elderly's own homes. The caregiver is guided and helped through screenings and training exercises to obtain efficient and effective rehabilitation. 

The screening module has two parts, the first screening documents the elderlies need of assistance in details. The second screening documents the physical ability. Based on these two screenings the system determines an individual training program for each elderly.

During the ongoing training and screenings, DigiRehab can provide notifications and messages to relevant personnel. E.g. it could be a message to a nurse or a physiotherapist if the caregiver while screening experiences that certain training exercises give the elderlies pain. Additionally, DigiRehab has an advanced analysis module. The module is used to evaluate and show the total potential and effect of the rehabilitation effort. The analysis module hereby supports decision making on how to allocate the resources; who should receive training?

The aim of the project?
Testing the DigiRehab solution in AAL SCP opens opportunities to validate and assess long-term market insights, technical barriers and identify industry collaboration partners.

What are AAL Small Collaborative Projects?
Small collaborative projects are intended to be quicker and more agile regarding submission process, grant signature and reporting; they have a maximum duration of 6 months with maximum funding of €300.000. They can result in well-substantiated ideas or proposals for AAL solutions to be submitted in a later AAL call (or elsewhere).

Partners in submitted proposals are expected to intensively collaborate with end users at an early stage in order to:

  • Explore novel and improved approaches for involving all types of end users;
  • Validate benefits for end-user organisations, enhancing their own processes;
  • Explore ways for opening up the market for ICT based solutions for older adults;
  • Assess the project concept in relation to market potential.

Impact and potential on a European scale
In Denmark (DK), more than 2500 elderlies have been screened and started training using DigiRehab. Out of these more than 1800 have fulfilled 12 weeks of training successfully. 

The market analysis done in DK have shown that approx. 60% of the elderlies receiving home care have the physical ability to participate in a rehabilitation program with DigiRehab. Out of these, approx. 70% will get a significant effect, getting stronger and more self-reliant, resulting in less need for home care.

Scaling up the solution to a European level, assuming an equivalent service level in homecare in other European countries the potential is e.g. 200M euro in The Netherlands, 135M euro in Belgium and 100M euro in Austria unleashing both resources and financial cost-savings for the public sector.

Who is the target group?
The primary target group is caregivers and the capacity building of their rehabilitation skills, reducing the stress and care burden in the health-caregiver sector, with a simple ICT tool. Secondary, Digirehab aims to improve the quality of life for elderlies and empowering them to live meaningful, active and independent lives.

Applications: Health & wellness, Information and learning, Knowledge Transfer, Skills enhancement 

Partner Types role of interests:
The Danish SME is looking for partners from other AAL SCP countries with the aim of exploring novel approaches for involving new types of end users in order to co-create and experiment with the solution in a different environment outside of Denmark (public and/or private institutions for elderly, private households, rehabilitation centres, etc.) Digirehab is searching for following partners to be part of project consortia from e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria: - At least one eligible for-profit business partner - At least one eligible end-user organization.

Financial aspects:
maximum funding of €300.000

Foreseen project budget:
Approx. 100.000 euro per country

ERRIN Member:
Central Denmark

Call Title:
AAL Small Collaborative Projects

Working Group:

Deadline of the Call:

Contact person:
Niels Heuer nh@digirehab.dk
Signe Madsenswm@centraldenmark.eu


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