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Ausgabe vom 18. April 2018

Erasmus+, Youth for Environment and Sustainability - Active participation and raising awareness actions »YES Project«

Call Title:

Environmental issues present some of the most profound and complex challenges requiring attention today and in the coming decades. Young people understand perhaps better than most that humankind is not living in a zero-sum, environment-versus-economy world. Moreover, the recent global recession has meant that policy makers need to do more to support job creation and growth. This has led to a call for upgrading skills and matching labour market needs in general but also in particular to facilitate the greening of Europe's economies. One foundation step in enhancing local, regional, national and global capacities to respond to those challenges is increasing environmental awareness. One way to equip young people to deal with environmental concerns is through more effective environmental education. Young people will be compelled to engage new forms of actions that will generate effective responses to ecological challenges.  Furthermore, the role of young people is central in order to achieve a better and enhanced environmental awareness for the next generations.

To this point, the aim of the present project is to empower and foster the participation of young people in environmental and sustainability issues in order to be able to become the »voice« for the next generations. Specifically, young people including students from environmental departments and young people active and socially sensitized to environmental issues will be educated in order to upgrade their skills in environmental issues. After the end of their education, they will be involved in several voluntary environmental actions and they will have the role of the trainer as they will present their experiences in their country. Activities will also aim in the creation of a platform with the purpose of exchanging views or acquiring knowledge from other people in the form of discussion and dialogue. A dissemination and sustainability plan must be created in order to enhance the cooperation and participation of the partner countries in the EU.

Partners involved:
Eurotraining (Greece)

Partner Types role of interests:
A coordinator is sought to submit the project. More specifically VET providers or Social Actors active in the field of environmental issues (preferably from Spain).

Foreseen project budget:
Strategic Partnership budget: 450.000 Euro

ERRIN Member:
European Office of Cyprus

Deadline of the Call:

Contact person:
Marina Zotaki mzotaki@mastgroup.gr


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