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Ausgabe vom 02. Mai 2018

Establishing a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on Added-value Manufacturing

Call Title:
EIT's 2018 Call for Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) Proposals

Expression of interest in joining a consortium applying for the KIC call: Added-value manufacturing.

Danish Advanced Manufactoring Research Center (DAMRC) would like to join a consortium responding to the EIT's 2018 call for Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) for Added-value manufacturing, call-deadline July 12.

DAMRC are experts in integrating and accelerating the uptake of research and innovations into the metal working industry, and in mediating between higher education, research and businesses. The Danish metal machining industry formed DAMRC in 2010 for the benefit of businesses. This guarantee very close collaboration with companies and thereby a very deep understanding of the challenges they are facing in daily production. Moreover, we, at DAMRC, hold the Gold Label of European Cluster Excellence Initiative for our cluster management.

We are placed in the manufacturing power-region in Denmark and with a strong international network rooted in the Nordic countries; DAMRC is ideally placed to ensure the KIC a noticeable presence in the region.

Description of the organisation:

Business activities, type and size of organization:
DAMRC is a non-profit research and development center for advanced manufacturing technologies and materials partly financed by member fees and partly from project funding from various foundations. DAMRC is developing and transforming the latest knowledge into practical solutions in close cooperation with universities for the benefit of the global competitiveness of the Danish industrial companies.  The setup of the DAMRC allows the center to benefit from the broad span of competences within the group of DAMRC-Partners from the 78 members including manufacturing companies, machine-, tools- and auxiliaries suppliers. For the DAMRC this means access to a continuously expanding knowledge and competence base.

Involvement and Qualification in international engagement:
DAMRC has as coordinator on a FP7 project obtained great experience in working on international projects. Due to the concept of the DAMRC business, DAMRC  has great expereince in approaching companies with know-how and possibility to help implementing new techonologies and strategiees to optimize production

List of relevant products, publications and other achievements:

  • VSR- alternative energy saving technology for removing internal stress in parts. DAMRC is among a few  European companies which provides this service
  • TXF TAP-Test and Harmonizer- optimizing machining processes through analyzing - DAMRC is one of few European companies providing this service

Latest publications:

  • 2016 High productivity machining of holes in Inconel 718 with SiAlON tools-Aitor Arruti Agirreurreta1, a), Jose Angel Pelegay 2, b), Pedro Jose Arrazola 1, c) and Klaus Bonde Ørskov 2, d) (ESAFORM 2016)
  • 2017 Reducing the uncertainty in robotic machining by modal analysis - Iñigo Alberdi 1, a) Jose Angel Pelegay 2, b), Pedro Jose Arrazola 1, c) and Klaus Bonde Ørskov 2, d) - (ESAFORM 2017)
  • 2017 Posture dependent CHATTER ANALYSIS IN Robotic Milling Hamed Assadi 1, a) Keivan Ahmadi 1, b) Klaus Bonde Ørskov 2, d) (CANCAM 2017)
  • 2018 High Productivity Mould Robotic Milling in Al-5083 Iker Urresti1,a), Pedro Jose Arrazola2,b), Klaus Bonde Ørskov 1,c) and Jose Angel Pelegay3,d) (ESAFORM 2018)
  • 2018 Mecanizado criogénico: Fabricación ECO2. M. Aurrocoechea(1), O. Pereira(2), J. Ollgaard(1), T. Ostra(3), K. Bonde(1), L.N. López de Lacalle(2) (magazine Interempresas)


  • The first (and only) in the world to successfully generate a surface roughness below 1 micron (Ra) in thermal sprayed ZrO2 (TBC - diamond like surface) by milling (0,52 micron).
  • Driving down process time from 45 minutes to 29 seconds in hole making in Inconel 718.
  • Ecojet (FP7) - Cost-and high-efficient micro gas turbine power generator for micro CPH, Project id: 606076
  • Innomill (Innovationsfonden) - Machining of very large components for wind energy.
  • Smart industry-bring knowledge about and how to use Industry 4.0 to SMEs all through the value-chain- no link yet
  • Reduction of energy consumption for removal of stress in metalparts - how to increase the energy saving using vibrations for stress removal- funded by Danish Energy

Significant technical equipment relevant to the proposed work:

  • Complete laboratory for machining experiments with drilling, milling, turning, mill-turn (multi-axis), Robotic machining, CAD/CAM, metrology equipment and tool wear characterization.
  • Mazak Integex, Mazak Variaxis i 600 , DMG NLX2500/700, DMG NVX5080, DMG NHX 6300 - High Torque ,KUKA KR300R2500 Ultra, TESA , Steinbichler 3D scanner, MAHR Roughness measurement equipment, TXF TAP TEST UDSTYR, Kistler Multicomponent Dynamometer.
  • Leica Absolute Tracker AT901, Hexagon GL Silver, Vibratory Stress Relief equipment.

Partner Types role of interests:
Danish Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (DAMRC) are looking to join a consortium applying for the KIC call: Added-value manufacturing.

Deadline of the Call:

Contact person:
Lene Nielsen


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