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Ausgabe vom 19. Dezember 2018

AMIF-2018-AG-INTE »Integration of Third-Country nationals«

Dear Colleagues,

an Italian association located in Piedmont Region, specialized in the integration of women victims of human trafficking, is looking for partners interested to participate in a project within the framework of the AMIF-2018-AG-INTE call.

The project aims aims at the inclusions of victims of human trafficking in society, developing their professional skills in order to improve their access to  the labour market.

The association, which  proposes to be leader of the consortium, is looking for a public or private organization working for the social inclusion of women victims of human trafficking.

If you are interested in this project, before January 10, please contact:

Martina Sabbadini
IRES Piemonte

Than you for forwarding this information to your contacts.

Best regards,

 Regione Piemonte
 Ufficio di Bruxelles
 Rue du Trône, 62
1050 Bruxelles

tel. +32 (0)2 50 30 118 / +39 011 432 30 85
fax +32 (0)2 50 28 798

Partner Search

Title of the Proposed Project 
To be defined

Call for Proposal 
Support to victims of trafficking in human beings

Funding Programme 
AMIF-AG AMIF Action Grant

Foreseen Project Duration 
24 months

Deadline for the Project Submission 
31 January 2019 17:00:00

Brief Description of the Project (theme and activities) 
Based on the decade-long experience of the Italian applicant and co-applicants, to prevent re-trafficking it's necessary to improve measures of empowerment in a gender perspective. In particular it's essential to promote individual pathways leading to entry to the labour market as a durable solution to achieve the socio-economic autonomy of former victims of trafficking.

Italy is the only country in the EU where the national law provides social inclusion programs for victims of trafficking under art.18 of the Law 286/98. The extended experience of this projects funded by the Minister of the Equal Opportunities, demonstrates the efficacy of an individualized support to the social inclusion.

PIAM Association in Asti and Dedalus Cooperative in Naples have already experienced similar measures which can be systematized and transferred thanks to a pilot action in other EU countries.

The aim of the project is to improve the inclusion of former victims of trafficking in the host society (UE) developing professional skills to improve access for them in the labour market and to prevent their re-trafficking.

To select the target group among women (victims of trafficking) already included in social inclusion programs; counselling (1 month); language training (2 months), vocational training in different professional areas: family and personal assistance services, cooking and bar-tendering, tailoring (2 months); traineeships aimed at providing employment (3 months). This pilot scheme will take place in Italy and in 2 o 3 other EU countries.

Partner already involved in the project 
Association PIAM Onlus Asti - Italy - Progetto Integrazione Accoglienza Migranti (PIAM) started in 1999 to give a concrete answer to the large presence of young women forced into prostitution on the streets of Piedmont. Now involved also in defense of migrant's rights, year-by-year PIAM has grown and today it is one of the most active Italian NGOs, with an international relevance.

Italians co-applicants:
Cooperative. Dedalus Naples, Piedmont Region (Anello Forte network)

Partner you are looking for
Public or private organizations working for the social inclusion of woman victims of human trafficking.

Role of the partner you are looking for 
Organizations able to experiment all project activities

Deadline for this Partner Research 
10 January 2019

Ires Piemonte
Martina Sabbadini


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