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Ausgabe vom 06. Februar 2009

Damaclim – Dams and climate change

Dear colleagues,

 I’m writing you on the behalf of the UPI-TECLA European office (The Union of Italian Provinces-Association for the Local and European Trans regional Cooperation).

 In the context on the 2nd call of the European Programme Central Europe (www.central2013.eu) one of our members, the Province of Turin is looking for partners for a project about the management of dams and artificial basins starting from the impact that climate change has on them. The potential partners have to come from the entire programme's area excluded Italy.

 We would like to understand if there is the possibility to build a sound and reliable partnership with you or if you can facilitate the contact with some of yours partners.

 Please take into account that the deadline of the call is 18th March 2009, for this reason we kindly ask you to express your interest as soon as possible.

 Please find in attach the project's description.

Waiting for your kind reply, I send you best regards,

Rossana Cheri

UPI-TECLA european office

Union of Italian Provinces

Association for the Local and European Transregional Cooperation


Rue du Commerce, 124

1000 Brussels - Belgium

Tel: +32 (0)2 503.51.28

Fax: +32 (0)2 514.34.55




 Offline Project Idea Form for CENTRAL EUROPE

Project name Damaclim – Dams and climate change

Contact Person 
Lead Applicant Organisation Province of Turin
Contact email 
Contact phone number 

Which of the programme priorities best describes your project:
(for more information on these priorities please see the About section of the programme homepage)  

Priority 1: Facilitating innovation 
Priority 2: Improving accessibility  
Priority 3: Using our Environment Responsibly 
Priority 4: Enhancing competitiveness and Attractiveness of Cities and Regions 
What is the aim of your project? What are the issues, problems or opportunities you want to address?
(max. 1000 characters) The project aims at the development of new schemes for the improved management of dams and artificial basins starting from the impact that climate change has on them. Dams are always seen as a potential risk, on the other hand they are precious resources for the population and for agriculture and they are profoundly influenced by climate change. In detail, the project intends to study the impact of climate change on the territories of the proposers (heavy rainfalls vs. long periods of droughts) and how they influence the monitoring and management of dams  focusing on:
• Floods management
• Hydroelectric production
• Drinkable water storage
• Droughts impacting on agriculture
• Economic sustainability of dams management systems

As for risk prevention and management, it will focus on:
• development of hazardous scenarios stemming from dams dynamics and their possible impact of territories and resident population
• joint definition and harmonisation of procedures linked to civil protection in view of the different scenarios
• development of common tools for the technical and human resources management (private, public and volunteered) during the operational phases of intervention
Expected results
(Either quantifiable or tangible
(max. 1000 characters) • An in-depth study on specific climate change impacts on dams and artificial basins.
• Shared management system of water artificial basin (including the realisation of new ones) for the improved management of resources taking into account alterations of climate such as long droughts or heavy rainfalls
• Tools for the optimization of management system based on an sound economic sustainability analysis
• Definition of common operational procedures and of common monitoring systems for risk prevention in connection with artificial basins
• Definition of common procedure for hazards management including internal and external communication procedures (towards the operators involved)
• Development of a common communication platform both as a support to project activities and to knowledge sharing among the partners and also for the dissemination of project results
• Development of an on-line communication tool to support the alert system that on the basis of the event taking place immediately alerts pre-defined internal and external staff and automatically records communications and responses
Estimated total cost
(€ if known) From 2 to 3 Meuro depending on final number of partners
Estimated project duration
(in months) 36 months
Partners involved at this stage
(Please indicate if they have experience of INTERREG funded projects and which projects)
(max. 1000 characters) Province of Turin
Regione Valle d’Aosta
University institute specialised in integrated monitoring systems

Further partners requested
Please indicate the desired partner profile (country, activity sector, expertise etc.)
(max. 1000 characters) Partner in the Central Europe area:
- Public authorities having competencies in water management and/or crisis/civil protection management
- Private or public authorities having competence in dams management
- Universities, organizations, companies having experience on climate change studies
How are the partners going to jointly benefit from this cooperation project?
(max. 1000 characters) The new management scheme that will integrate those already developed by the proposers will on one side aim at improving the management of water resources and on the other it will work on improved risk prevention and risk management to the benefit of local residents. The project is based on an harmonisation of approaches and to be successful needs to build on the exchange of know-how and experience of all partners.

The project intends to address the problem of improved water resources management and risk prevention through knowledge-sharing and the development of common methodologies and tools while the opportunity for the participating territories is to learn from each other and to promote a safer and more efficient approach to dams management.

Partners will benefit from the creation of shared tools methodologies concerning:
- water resources management facing climate change impacts
- emergency procedures in case of dams connected risks (both inside dam-management organizations and public authorities dealing with risk prevention and civil protection)
- alert communication system at different levels
What is innovative about this project?
(max. 1000 characters) This project is innovative since it brings in a new approach: looking at dams management from the point of view of climate change impacts. In addition that, it also closely looks at the technical and economic optimisation of resources necessary to manage such artificial basins.



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