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Ausgabe vom 02. März 2011

Empowering patients and supporting widespread deployment of telemedicine services

Dear colleagues,

TICBioMed, eHealth cluster located  in the Region of Murcia (Spain) is looking for Healthcare organziations and ICT companies in order to participate in the ICT PSP call, under the 3.4: Empowering patients and supporting widespread deployment of telemedicine services. They are looking for national tandems, that is, interested parties must bring along the other type (either a Healthcare organization or an ICT company) in order to be accepted.

The project is aimed to improve significantly the health and quality of life of patients  through the use of innovative services, based on secure and user friendly online access by patients to their health data and integrated health records, as well as associated services including e-booking of medical consultations or chronic disease management services.For more information, please follow thislink.

He will be attending theinfo dayin Brussels on the 28th of February. If any organization of your country (special interest in Denmark, Sweden, UK or Finland) would be interested, do not hesitate to contact  Mr. Jorge Gonzalez Olalla, ASAP:

Jorge Gonzalez Olalla
Coordinador Empresarial de TICBioMed
T. +34 657847238
Skype. jorge_gozalez_olalla

Web of the call for proposals.This search will be open till the 30/03/2011.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

EU Region of Murcia Office

Aurelia Fernández
Oficina de la Región de Murcia
Avenue des Arts, 3,4,5
B-1210  - Bruxelles

Tel: 0032-0-22090574
Fax: 0032-0-22191458


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